Pool Safety

Is Your Pool Safe?

Please note 6 very important safety issues to look for in your pool and spa.

1. Does your GFCI work?

A GFCI can save your life by preventing electrocution. It is important to test your GFCI before swimming with the pool or spa lights on. Ever-Care Pool and Spa can test your GFCI and your pool and lights to make sure they are safe. Some pools and spas have GFCI circuit breakers located in your electrical panel. We are able to replace bad lights and GFCIs.

A GFI, or ground fault circuit interrupter, is an automatic device that offers personal protection against electrical shock. They are installed in areas where known electrical shock hazards exist… outdoor outlets and fixtures, swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs, outlets in kitchens, basements, bathrooms, and garages. Wherever there is the potential for contact between a person and an electrical appliance in or near moisture, water, or water pipes, a GFI should be protecting the circuit… and you!

2. Is your main drain cover secure?

main_drainThe main drain is the “drain” you see in the deep end of the pool or bottom of your spa. It’s not really a drain at all but a suction pipe connected to your pump. It’s safe when the drain cover is intact but if the cover is off their may is a possibility of a child being sucked on to the exposed suction pipe. I can replace your drain cover if it’s loose, broken or missing. For more information check the web for Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool Spa Safety Act.

3. Do you have a Vac-Lock?

vac_lock(This issue only applies to pools where the pool sweep plugs into the pool wall, not the skimmer.) You should have a “Vac-Lock” a locking door attached to the wall fitting where you connect the pool vac hose to prevent the possibility of a child being sucked on to the wall fitting. If your “Vac-Lock” is missing or if the door does not close by itself when removing the pool vacuum hose I can install one for you.

4. Is the diving board secure?

Make sure the diving board is secure and has no cracks. Make sure the bolts that connect the diving board to the stand and the stand to the deck are tight and in good condition.

5. Is there brush and leaves in and around pool equipment?

Leaves and brush can damage a pump motor as well as cause a heater fire. Always make sure that leaves and brush are kept away from your pool equipment

6. Is the gate that encloses the pool a self latching gate?

Self latching gates are required in Thousand Oaks.

If you need help with any of these issues please contact us.